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What’s the SRD Grant?

The SRD Grant refers to the South African Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant. It is a grant provided by the South African government, administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

The eligibility criteria for the SRD Grant typically include being a South African citizen, resident, or refugee, being between the ages of 18 and 60, and not being a recipient of any other social grant or UIF payment.

The grant has been particularly significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing much-needed support to those impacted by the economic fallout.

Purpose and Mission

Financial Assistance for Vulnerable Individuals: The grant aims to provide temporary financial assistance to individuals who are in dire need of support and who do not receive any other form of social grant or financial support. This is particularly important in times of crisis or emergency.

Alleviating Poverty and Distress: The grant plays a crucial role in alleviating poverty and providing relief to people in situations of distress. This includes individuals who are unemployed, those who are unable to work due to medical reasons, and others facing extreme financial hardship.

Support During Emergencies and Disasters: The SRD Grant is often utilized as a means to offer support to people affected by natural disasters, pandemics, or other emergency situations that lead to financial distress.

Encouraging Social Stability: By providing financial support, the SRD Grant also aims to promote social stability and security among the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Temporary Support: It’s important to note that the SRD Grant is not a permanent solution but a temporary measure to support individuals and families during their time of greatest need.

SRD Status Meanings Explained

Each of the following statuses is part of the application and vetting process, reflecting the various stages and outcomes an application can encounter.

Here’s what each of the status you might get from checking your grant application status:

PendingThis status indicates that the application is still under review. SASSA is processing the application and has not yet made a decision.
Awaiting ReapplicationThis status appears when an applicant needs to reapply or update their application, often due to the expiration of the previous application period or a need for updated information.
ReferredThis status means that the application requires additional verification or investigation. The applicant might need to provide more information or clarification.
Approved But Not PaidThe application has been approved, but the payment has not been processed or disbursed yet. This could be due to various administrative reasons or delays in the payment system.
Alternative Income Source IdentifiedThis status indicates that during the verification process, an alternative source of income has been identified for the applicant, which might affect their eligibility for the grant.